Soay Cross Country Trip – Bringing Our Flock Home

In the fall of 2005 a group of six British Soay Sheep (two rams and four ewes) traveled 2300 miles across the US to join the oldest RBST registered flock in the Northeast. They literally went from one coast to the other; a bit ironic since their parents had made the same trip in the opposite direction just five years earlier when they were imported from Canada. The journey from Oregon to Maryland opened yet another chapter in the effort to get registered RBST Soay broadly disbursed around the country. Each animal was chosen for the genetics and the phenotypic characteristics that it carried. The main objective of the British Soay conservation project in which we are participating is to keep future generations of this historic relic as genetically diverse as possible and pheontypically representative of the wild flocks as they exist on St. Kilda.

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